Causes of Lower Back Pain

Back Pain TreatmentsBack pain can affect anyone, but it is particularly common in adults between the ages of twenty five and sixty five. It is one of the most frequently reported health issues, and one of the most prevalent reasons for people taking time off work. But what are the back pain causes?

If you notice a severe localized pain in the lower region of your back, try to think back to any activities which may have caused a strain. This could be lifting a heavy item or a vigorous activity which may have caused over exertion. Back pain which results from an injury to a muscle or ligament is more likely to include the following symptoms:

  • A dull ache around the buttock or thigh area
  • Spasms in the muscle
  • The affected area feels particularly sore when you touch it
  • Difficulty in standing up or walking

Best Back Pain Treatments

An injury can also trigger back pain symptoms in the sciatic area. Sciatic pain can also be caused by pregnancy, as the hormones can relax muscles and ligaments and make them more prone to damage, particularly in later trimesters when the weight of the baby is an added strain to the body. Sciatic pain is characterized in the following ways:

* The pain is ongoing. Although some people suffer occasional flare ups, sciatic pain is usually constant and unrelenting.

* Although the sciatic nerve is in the back, the pain is more noticeable in the leg, buttock or pelvic area.

* The pain can be moderate to severe, and feels more like burning than a dull ache.

Although one of the most common back pain causes is injury, bad posture is also a big problem for many people. Sitting or standing for long periods can cause a dull ache in the lower back or spine, if you are not careful to maintain the correct posture. The pain may also be felt across the shoulders and in the upper back if you tend to hunch over when you are sitting. This is particularly true of people who spend long hours working on a laptop or a computer.

Back pain can be caused by a serious issue such as disease, but this is rare. In most cases, you will be able to trace the pain back to a recent injury. If the pain is unbearable or lasts for over a month, speak to your doctor.


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